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[SUB] Atom: The Beginning - Episode 8 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Jul 6, 2017

Robot Wrestling

Hiroshi seeing how badly the robots get beaten up flips out meanwhile rest of them remain composed and confident of Six’s victory while Motoko mocks them about their unawareness of robot wrestling despite being robotics students to which they replie that were occupied in developing A10 series and bewusstein seeing them Shunsaku joins them and advices them on their upcoming opponent’s abilities and asks them to beware seeing his knowledge about robot wrestling Hiroshi makes him a part of their pit crew while Ummataro throws Motoko out. Shunsaku makes them aware about the rules of robot wrestling and Six heads to take on Mohican Basho a first generation robot (i.e. remote controlled) controlled by Linda Oishi who after plentiful of boasting gets the match started Six continuously dodges Basho’s attacks while analysing him and ends the fight by removing its antenna getting the ignominy as the crowd wanted to see some action while Dr. Lolo and Mars observe the fight. Ummataro asks Six to this time punch a hole through the opponents chest and rip its’ vitals Six goes up against Iron Hammer of Fury Gigatron Hammer second generation (i.e. pilot controlled) this Six quickly reaches the cockpit turns of Hammer and takes out the pilot bringing a quick end thought public still gets enraged but the start looking on the brighter side on Six’s fighting style.

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