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[SUB] Atom: The Beginning - Episode 7 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Jun 10, 2017

Ran and Princess Teru

Ran and her friends at robotics club at Tokyo Perfectural Sanpoji high school add finishing touches to their robot Teru Hime (Princess Teru) as their entry for JRRC Junior robot rescue competition which tests disaster management robots where the robots have to cross a damage inflicted sites obstacles find the dummy, report its location and cross the finish line in minimal time. While Ummataro and Hiroshi remain unmoved and disenchanted by the invitation to robot wrestling competition Hiroshi calls its banal and uncivilized while Ummataro believes that six is already the strongest and needs no proving while Motoko is thrilled. Hiroshi and Motoko visit the robotics club to check on Ran there Ran's club members seek out Hiroshi's advice on to deal with Ran as she is extremely smart and innovative but remains adamant on her ways to which Hiroshi advises them to take action to something which the firmly believe is right. While returning Hiroshi get a mail from Moriya asking him to reconsider his offer, at the competition almost all the robots get stalled at some level only one manages it but due to robots crashing the infrastructure hosting the competition stats losing its integrity, one robot manages to clear the course during Teru Hime's she clear most of course flawlessly but due her humanoid forms flexibility and poor quality materials used to make it her joints lock up seeing this the rest of the club members pull out a hidden ace and transform their robot but the building starts to collapse sensing this Six takes the necessary action rescuing the robot the girls despite winning forfeit the award. Dr. Lolo shows up to Ummataro and Hiroshi asking whether the got their invitation to Robo wrestling finally revealing the mummified humanoid to be her robot MARS.

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