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[SUB] Atom: The Beginning - Episode 6 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Jun 10, 2017

Lab 7's Annihilation!

At Tsutsumi residence Motoko tells Moriya about lab 7’s accomplishments to which he reminds her not to get involved still she remains adamant about making Hiroshi fall for her to which Moriya hints what if Hiroshi were to disappear next day she visits lab 7 where Hiroshi and Ummataro are fighting over A106’s state stranded Hiroshi takes off out of anger, crying and again bumps into Moriya who appraises him on his research paper and offers him to join lab 7 Hiroshi in utter surprise thinks that Moriya is kidding meanwhile Motoko catches up to them Hiroshi tell her how he and Ummataro collaborated and how he always intends to get his way swearing that he won't return unless Ummataro restores six and offers an apology to him to which Motoko takes it upon herself to get Ummataro to apologize, she employs various tactics along with Ran which fail at last they threaten him about revealing A105 to the world to which Hiroshi and Ummataro pretend to make up suddenly the container and ran where standing on starts to tumble to help Both Ummataro and Hiroshi work together this eventually settles their spat. At last post robot puts an invitation to robo wrestling in lab 7’s mail box.

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