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Osomatsu-san Season 2 - Episode 10 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Dec 5, 2017

Original title: おそ松さん
Also known as: Mr. Osomatsu
Creator: Fujio Akatsuka
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Country: Japan

Storyline: Karamatsu and Brother / New Employee Totoko / Dubbingmatsu-san

Karamatsu tries to take on various requests from everyone to look like a reliable brother, only to take on more than he can handle, so Choromatsu tries to teach him how to refuse. Totoko begins working at a company, proving to be a handful for her superior Todomatsu. Later, a pair of seiyuu attend a dubbing session of an episode of Mr. Osomatsu, witnessing how the sextuplets do their work.

- Osomatsu Matsuno
- Karamatsu Matsuno
- Choromatsu Matsuno
- Ichimatsu Matsuno
- Jyushimatsu Matsuno
- Todomatsu Matsuno
- Iyami
- Chibita
- Totoko
- Matsuzō Matsuno
- Hatabō
- Dekapan
- Dayōn
- Nyaa Hashimoto
- Shounosuke Hijirisawa
- Girlymatsus

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