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One Piece - Episode 9 | 2000

One Piece

Published on Sep 16, 2017

Creator: Eiichiro Oda
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Storyline: The Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp!

Naomi joins the crew as the navigator. And they set sail with both Luffy's boat and a boat with Buggy's stolen sail. Their next destination is to find themselves a larger boat with supplies. And Luffy has a hunch they'll find one on an island with a small village and beach. When they landed on shore they find themselves ambushed by Usopp, who claims to be captain of his own crew. But Naomi sees through the act that Ussop is only accompanied by 3 kids who admire his ambition in being a pirate. Usopp admits that he's just a "wannabee" pirate who does nothing but run and...

- Monkey D. Luffy
- Roronoa Zoro
- Nami
- Usopp
- Vinsmoke Sanji
- Tony Tony Chopper
- Nico Robin
- Franky
- Brook

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