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One Piece - Episode 711 | 2015

One Piece

Published on Nov 27, 2017

Creator: Eiichiro Oda
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Storyline: The Man's Pride! Bellamy's Last Charge!

As some of the Donquixote Pirates' underlings exclaim that Lao G has been defeated, Zoro looks over the enormous rift in the ground created by Sai before deciding to keep Sai and his fleet in mind due to how powerful they are. Meanwhile, Sai runs up to the battered Chinjao and begs him to not die as Baby 5 states that she will make preparations for two ceremonies, a wedding and a funeral, which prompts both Sai and Chinajo to angrily proclaim that the latter is not dead yet. Above them, Zoro continues dodging Pica's stone spikes as Pica laughs at him. When an irritated Zoro tells him to stop laughing because it is annoying, Pica becomes angered and uses Charlestone once more, which sends several of his subordinates flying...

- Monkey D. Luffy
- Roronoa Zoro
- Nami
- Usopp
- Vinsmoke Sanji
- Tony Tony Chopper
- Nico Robin
- Franky
- Brook

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