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One Piece - Episode 683 | 2015

One Piece

Published on Nov 27, 2017

Creator: Eiichiro Oda
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Storyline: With a Rumbling of the Ground! The God of Destruction - Giant Pica Descends!

Luffy and Zoro face off against Fujitora to get to Doflamingo. At the palace, Pica expresses his desire to take the Donquixote enemies out alone, and it is revealed that he is easily offended by reaction to his high-pitched voice. Robin's group continues to run away from the former toy slaves and try to make their way to the royal plateau. The fight with Fujitora ends as Pica emerges from the ground as a huge golem. When Pica speaks, Luffy bursts into hysterical laughter which offends Pica who throws a punch at Luffy. The punch causes a large shockwave, sending Zoro flying and leaving Luffy's fate unknown.

- Monkey D. Luffy
- Roronoa Zoro
- Nami
- Usopp
- Vinsmoke Sanji
- Tony Tony Chopper
- Nico Robin
- Franky
- Brook

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