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Inuyashiki - Episode 5 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Genres: Animation, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Storyline: Yuko Shishigami

There are media reports of the attack on the Koudankai crime syndicate and that another home in the Suganami ward was attacked by a type of firearm but there was no sign of bullets. At school, Shishigami and Andou are suspected by the other students to be responsible for the deaths of Tetchan and the others. Andou tries to report Shishigami but cannot proceed. After reading about miraculous cures, Andou suspects Shishigami, but dismisses it, thinking there may be other like him with similar powers. In desperation he screams out that he is going to be killed, and Inuyashiki arrives at his door. When Inuyashiki admits who he is, Andou vows to help him stop Shishigami even if it means killing him. Fellow classmate, Shion Watanabe introduces herself to Shishigami but is too embarrassed to continue. That night Andou gets Inuyashiki to test his powers, but he has trouble controlling them. Meanwhile Shishigami's mother tells him she has cancer and only months to live. The next morning she finds that she has been miraculously cured, and Shishigami suggests they move to a better apartment with money he fortuitously obtained. Hiro vows to stop killing for his mother's sake. However, after the media report a breakthrough in the household murder cases, police surround Hiro's home and attempt to take him into custody.

- Ichirō Inuyashik
- Hiro Shishigami
- Naoyuki Andō
- Naoyuki Andō
- Mari Inuyashiki
- Shion Watanabe

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