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Inuyashiki - Episode 4 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Genres: Animation, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Storyline: Samejima

A Yakuza is humiliated by his boss Samejima for death of a woman from a drug overdose. Elsewhere, Fumino Inoue, a young woman working in a cafe becomes engaged to her boyfriend Satoru, but she is abducted on the way home by Samejima's men. She is injected with drugs but wounds Samejima and manages to escape and return home to Satoru. Before they can act, Samejima and his men burst into their apartment to take Fumino. Samejima begins to choke Satoru, but suddenly Inuyashiki arrives at the apartment, disables the men. Inuyashiki begins to crush Samejima who pulls a gun and shoots Inuyashiki in the head and he collapses. When Inuyashiki wakes up, he is alone in the apartment with the dead Satoru. He desperately tries to revive him and Satoru finally recovers. Meanwhile he traces Samejima and flies to find him at a Yakuza meeting. He calls out Samejima and beats him up. When the rest of the Yakuza fire volleys of bullets into Inuyashiki, his cyborg body's self-defense mechanism activates and rockets from his power pack blinds and maims the men, leaving them all crippled for life. He then tracks down Fumino and rescues her, telling her he is no-one special and reunites her with Satoru.

- Ichirō Inuyashik
- Hiro Shishigami
- Naoyuki Andō
- Naoyuki Andō
- Mari Inuyashiki
- Shion Watanabe

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