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Inuyashiki - Episode 3 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Genres: Animation, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Storyline: Naoyuki Ando

Surprised at Inuyashiki's recovery, Hiro uses the jets in his back to fly off. Inuyashiki realizes that Hiro has undergone the same transformation as him but cannot understand his motivation. Hiro again visits Naoyuki who still refuses to return to school. Meanwhile, Inuyashiki sees some thugs take a young man into an alley. He follows them and beats them up using only his physical strength. He then hears the voices of people trapped in a building on fire, and tries to envoke the flying mechanism he saw Hiro use. Desperately trying he sings the Astro Boy theme song and takes off but has difficulty controlling the jets. He eventually reaches the scene, rescuing those trapped inside. His remarks that he feels 'so happy'. Hiro finally convinces Naoyuki to return to school, but when the bullies threaten him, Hiro intervenes and forces them to back off. Later that afternoon he kills four of the boys at a distance as Naoyuki watches. Hiro describes his many powers, including control over electronic devices, including milking an ATM. Naoyuki then says he can no longer be friends with someone who kills and steals, and Hiro walks off. That evening Inuyashiki discovers his healing power when he revives a cat that had been run over and thanks God. Meanwhile Hiro again enters a house at random and kills all the occupants.

- Ichirō Inuyashik
- Hiro Shishigami
- Naoyuki Andō
- Naoyuki Andō
- Mari Inuyashiki
- Shion Watanabe

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