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Inuyashiki - Episode 2 | 2017

Anime Fans

Published on Nov 24, 2017

Genres: Animation, Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Storyline: Hiro Shishigami

Student Hiro Shishigami remarks that one of his friends, Naoyuki Andou, has been absent from school and goes to visit him. Hiro talks about the spate of recent slashing murders, jokingly accusing Naoyuki. He then reveals that he is no longer human and demonstrates some of his powers. Naoyuki is impressed until Hiro causes cars to start crashing in the street and realizes they are not just tricks. Hiro reveals his cyborg body and convinces Naoyuki to return to school, calmly offering to kill the student who beat him up. Naoyuki however is fearful about Hiro's mental state and powers of his old school friend. After leaving, Hiro picks a house at random and casually kills the occupants by shooting an invisible beam. His remarks that he feels 'alive'. When the daughter comes home, he threatens to kill her, and Inuyashiki hears her screams of fear. He drives, following the voice he hears in his head, until, while stopped in traffic, hears her die. He finally arrives at the house, finding the bodies, but is confronted by Hiro who shoots him. As Hiro leaves however, Inuyashiki has already recovered and stands at the doorway, much to Hiro's amazement.

- Ichirō Inuyashik
- Hiro Shishigami
- Naoyuki Andō
- Naoyuki Andō
- Mari Inuyashiki
- Shion Watanabe

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