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Earth: The Power of the Planet - Episode 4 | BBC Two 2007

Published on Nov 29, 2017

Also known as: Earth: The Biography
Genre: Documentary
Stars: Iain Stewart, Victor Baker, Phil Bland

Storyline: Oceans

The oceans cover 3/4 of earth's surface and make it viable. Their brute, eroding, tidal (lunar/solar gravity-powered) surf-force helps physically shape the planet, especially the coast, and powers currents, which are vital for climate in interaction with winds. The oceans' own shape is determined by the tectonic drift of the continents. Their micro-organisms, phytoplankton, are crucial in starting the food-cycle of life trough photo-synthesis and generation of oxygen. Archeological evidence shows how terrible the consequence of major oceanic disturbances can be, which...

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