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Courage the Cowardly Dog Season 3 - Episode 11 | 2002

Cartoon Fans

Published on Jul 27, 2017

Creator: John Dilworth
Genres: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Storyline: Dome of Doom/Snowman's Revenge

"Dome of Doom" The Farmer reads in the newspaper that "Mega-Veg Farmaceuticals" is paying big bucks for volunteers to live in a geodesic dome to test their new farm products, and he signs up. Soon Muriel and Courage are planting chemically-enhanced super seeds under an Astrodome-sized enclosure that covers the Farmhouse. But the seeds sprout into a garden of angry predatory vegetables and begin attacking. Courage must find a way to get rid of the deadly plants before he and the family turn into plant food. "The Snowman's Revenge" The Snowman must find a new home, and...

- Courage
- Muriel Bagge
- Robot Randy
- The Computer
- Dr. Vindaloo
- Shirley the Medium

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