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Aladdin Season 3 - Episode 8 | 1995

Cartoon Fans

Published on May 17, 2017

Storyline: The Great Rift

When the ruins of the centuries long lost desert city of Mesmeria are found, the Sultan sends Aladdin and his gang. They dig up a chest with four magical jewels, but one is immediately nicked by a hawk, pursued in vain by treasure-horny Iago. It's Mesmeria's enchanted king, who resurrects the emerald into his evil queen Daluqa, who against his loving warning steals the other three and resurrects them as her three ever striving brothers, in Agraba, all with frightful magical amulets, and alas their anger feeds a great monster, which tramples whole buildings...

- Aladdin
- Princess Jasmine
- Genie
- Iago
- The Sultan
- Abu
- Magic Carpet

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