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Aladdin Season 3 - Episode 6 | 1995

Cartoon Fans

Published on May 17, 2017

Storyline: The Ethereal

Iago was mounting a tourist map business, but the sultan's city gets a less welcome visitor. Just after Jasmine has a nightmare prophesying Agrabah's destruction, it hails in summer followed by an earthquake and a plague of giant scorpions. Finally the Ethereal appears for real, announcing judgment over Agrabah's civilization after an inspection, at risk of destruction. No material, intellectual or artistic treasures make a redeeming impression. The magical spear Genie forges can't avert the Ethereal either, so it starts the apocalyptic sequence.

- Aladdin
- Princess Jasmine
- Genie
- Iago
- The Sultan
- Abu
- Magic Carpet

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