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Aladdin Season 3 - Episode 3 | 1995

Cartoon Fans

Published on May 17, 2017

Storyline: The Book of Khartoum

Mozenrath has found, after seven years, the magical book of Khartoum, which promises to get him the secret for ultimate cosmic power of that great magician, who was captivated it in ages ago. Mozenrath manages to activate it, and it shows him how to make a philosophers stone, the key to power. The missing ingredient is enough magic to heat the magical oven. Thereto Mozenrath cleverly captures Genie, masquerading as a coachman. Aladdin, Iago and Abu on Carpet and Genie's girlfriend, a green genie, come to his rescue, but are expected, worse: the green genie is wanted ...

- Aladdin
- Princess Jasmine
- Genie
- Iago
- The Sultan
- Abu
- Magic Carpet

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