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Aladdin Season 3 - Episode 2 | 1995

Cartoon Fans

Published on May 17, 2017

Storyline: Riders Redux

Time-sorcerer Sarastro's gang robs, in the sultan's absence, a caravan from a country which threatens to go to war with Agrabah. Aladdin only escapes by pretending to join Sarastro, which palace guard captain Rasul actually believes. The ambassadors make Jasmine engage the Riders of Ramont (from "The Sands of Fate") and imprison Aladdin, but she sets him free to join the Riders' mission, only to be captured with them and Aladdin's entire gang.

- Aladdin
- Princess Jasmine
- Genie
- Iago
- The Sultan
- Abu
- Magic Carpet

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